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    If you live near Daphne and you are looking for a new roof or roof repair, look no further. We're a professional roofing company in Daphne that can handle all of your roofing needs.

    We want you to feel safe, and having a strong secure roof over your head insures your safety. Top Metal Roof Daphne installs and repairs residential, commercial and agricultural metal roofs in all styles, sizes and colors. We are proud to serve Daphne and the surrounding areas, including Malbis, Belforest, Loxley, Spanish Fort, and Stapleton Call us today for a free quote.

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    Professional, Local Metal Roofing in Daphne

    Professional, Local Metal Roofing Service Daphne, AL

    Searching for high quality & professional metal roofing service in Daphne? A metal roof increases the aesthetic appeal of our homes, provide shelter from sun and rain, and plenty of other benefits. If you’re looking for a certified metal roofing service, we’re here to help.

    We are a full-service roofing company providing local residents with quality services that include installation of new metal roof, removal of old roof, metal roof repair and metal roof maintenance. Whether you’re yearning to have a nicer roof or seeking to repair a leaky metal roof, count on our metal roof Daphne professionals to do the job right.

    Our number one commitment is to provide you with a metal roof that does not leak. All of our services are meant to make you feel safe and secure about the roof over your hea

    Residential Metal Roof Daphne, AL

    Over the last decade we have seen a great rise in the number of residential metal roofs in Daphne as the looks and the quality of metal roofing material has improved. Homeowners are also recognizing the long term price savings of a metal roof compared to shingles.

    Commercial Metal Roofs Daphne, AL

    Business owners can see the value of adding a great looking metal roof to the locations. The superior coverage provided by a metal roof and the short time needed to install the roof make choosing a metal roof in Daphne a great decision.

    Agricultural Metal Roofs Daphne, AL

    Metal roofs have long been a part of the farming community in the Daphne area. Metal roofs have been used to top barns and out-buildings since the earliest days of settlement here. Today’s many choices of styles and materials allow us to meet the needs of any farmer.

    Industrial Metal Roof Daphne, AL

    Large industrial buildings need an effective roof system that ensures that water does not leak inside at a cost effective price.

    Carport and Shed Metal Roofs Daphne, AL

    In Daphne, we sometimes find where a client only needs a small roof. Maybe it is a metal roof for a porch. We can build that. Sometimes a client needs a metal carport. Of course, we can handle that too. We can even install a small metal roof on a lean to. As always, we offer our metal roofs in a variety of colors and styles.

    Metal Roof Repair Daphne, AL

    Metal roofs occasionally need repair. Hurricanes and hail storms, can damage metal roofs, causing leaks. Top Metal Roof Daphne can repair the damaged portion of your roof, protecting your valuables without the full expense of a new roof.

    The Benefits of a Metal Roof

    Let’s look at the benefits of metal roofing. It is critical to choose the right metal roofing, but you need to know why you should choose a metal roof in the first place. 

    A new roof is often the costliest improvement you will make to your home, and you need to be able to support your decision.

    Extreme weather is the driving force in the roofing industry. Heat and sun, wind, hail, lightning, all can play a part in reducing the lifespan of a roof, you have seen it yourself. Maybe you are searching for a new roof because of one of those contributing factors. 

    Our location in the Southeastern United States comes with high heat and a great amount of exposure to the sun, both can be damaging to roofing materials. Traditional asphalt shingles fail because the heat and sun dry out the shingles and they become brittle, cracking as they age. A metal roof is not damaged by heat and sun, and will not dry out, crack or become brittle. The coatings on metal roofs today maintain their strength and colors extremely well when exposed to our Alabama heat and sun. 

    In southern Alabama we are often exposed to the high winds of extreme thunderstorms and occasionally strong hurricanes. Many factors come into play when determining the likelyhood of a roof doing it’s primary job of keeping the house covered from rain and sun. The speed and direction of the winds can sometimes cause damage to any type of roofing system, but scientific testing has proven that, more often, a properly installed metal roof is will stay in place than an asphalt shingled roof. There is an even bigger difference as the roofing materials age.  

    Some homeowners have the misconception that a metal roof attracts lightning more than an asphalt roof. A metal roof does not draw lightning to it any more than a shingle roof, but metal roofs do conduct electricity more than asphalt. Most often, lightning will strike the highest object around, which is more often a tree than the house. We can be sure to install grounded lightning protection to insure the safety of your home and metal roof.  

    Metal roofing generally stands up to hail much better than asphalt roofs. Sometimes hail storms drop ice so large that any type of roof would be damaged. Sometimes a metal roof may be dented by the hail, but still offer greater protection from leaks than shingles.  Metal roofs are subjected to testing by Underwriters Laboratory with a steel ball drop test simulating hail’s impact on a roof. Our metal roofing materials have all passed the Underwriters’ testing at the highest ratings. Some insurance companies will give a discount to homeowners with metal roofs, because they are less likely to make a claim for hail damage. 

    Metal roofs are approves for fire ratings of Class A, B and C.  Metal roofs are known to resist airborn sparks and burning debris in wildfires. Metal roofs are lighter in weight than shingle roofs, so they are less likely to collapse during a fire inside the home. Insurance companies may give a discount because of the fire resistance of metal roofs, which provide fire fighters more time to extinguish a fire.